About Us

So what is the British Fencing Shop ?

​The BF Shop has been launched to help broaden the range of products and services that British Fencing is able to offer its members, clubs and the broader fencing community. This is part of our plan to help modernise the sport, improve BF's sustainability and to offer what we hope is a great way of being able to show your love and support for Fencing.

So what can I do on the Shop?

The BF Shop will be constantly evolving to meet our member's needs, but at its core the shop offers a wide range of BF Branded merchandise, will provide act as an online outlet for Cadet & Junior Squad kit as well as other BF activities such as AASE Kit, it will hopefully provide an easy to use hub for clubs to be able to sell services &  club branded kit to their members.

Does British Fencing run the Shop?

The shop has been developed in partnership with the Tempest Sports Group who will be managing the shop on British Fencing's behalf. Tempest will act as a point of contact for any enquiries and will be responsible for taking, processing, and fulfilling all orders placed on the site. You can find full details of all the relevant details about the order process in the t&c's section of the website.

Does British Fencing benefit from the Shop?

Of course, a good percentage of every sale made through the shop goes directly to British Fencing to help support and hopefully enhance the services we provide to our members.